4 Food Are Stomach Enemy


1, The “leftover” meal

Many individuals will eat leftover meals to prevent wastes. Based on an analysis it problematical to digest leftover meals. And you’ll easily get stomach disease for virtually every extended time. Since the primary composition of grain is starch, and starch will automatic mushy and into pasta condition. Digestion enzymes within our body are very easy to molecule this type of paste starch. The pasta starch rocks !, after they go to the “aging” phenomenon, and the entire body has low hydrolysis and digestion ability. Therefore, to consume thus type of leftover meal for virtually every extended time, you can cause stomach disease.

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2, Processed meats

Swedish scientists show overeating processed meat will heighten the lower sides of stomach cancer, for example bacon and sausage. They uncover that increase 30 g of meat processed products, the hazards of stomach cancer increases by 15% ~ 38%. Because processed meat goods are frequently cured and smoked, and add nitrate. In order that it could prolong its guarantee period, additionally to improve the difficulties of stomach cancer.

3, Fast foods

Fried fast foods is brittle and difficult, in situation you swallow it without eating, and stomach peristalsis can make food mention of gastric mucosa, and difficult food will damage gastric mucosa. In situation your stomach mucous membrane can’t be repaired before long, you will get inflammation and ulcer formation. For your stomach disease patients, it’ll worsen the troubles.

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4, Eco-friendly tea

Ordinary people always think that consuming some eco-friendly tea could get rid of the results of alcohol. Really, consuming eco-friendly tea and alcohol together will damage the body. And you’ll easily get gastritis. Occurrences where have gastric ulcer. Since there are wealthy caffeine content in eco-friendly tea, vino is wild, two drinks together could cause numerous nausea. In situation you typically get rid of the results of alcohol, you can get chronic gastric ulcer. So when you wish to acquire a better slimming effect, you’ll have a put on Slim Pomegranate. It’s perhaps the best slimming products on the planet, it can help you increase metabolic process assume control within the appetite.