Dental Hygienist: Nature of Work


Students who are exploring a future career path can definitely think about Dental Hygienist. It sounds challenging but still a great field to look for.  It is a cup of tea for someone inclined towards the medical field. You need to get a degree from a college of dental hygienist for getting a job.

But before taking any hasty decision, you should understand the nature of work of the dental hygienist.

Who is a dental hygienist?

A person who is an oral health professional having a license is a dental hygienist. He or she has to treat teeth and gum disorders. Dentist treats the illness whereas hygienists prevent it. Hence, this is the main nature of the work of a dental hygienist. This helps you to acquire more patients and develop your career. College of dental hygienist trains students in acquiring all such skills.

You can now look at the nature of work of dental hygienists in detail.  Below are some major functions of dental hygienists:

  • They have to educate patients regarding good oral hygiene.
  • X-raying and reporting the test results
  • They examine the teeth and gum of patients to check the presence of disease.
  • Counsel the patients on good nutrition for oral care.
  • Advice patients on controlling plaque.
  • They have to apply cavity-preventive agents such as fluorides.

The dental hygienist has to perform multiple tasks. Hence, you have to attend the college of dental hygienist and get yourself acquainted with all the knowledge. Also, you have to develop skills such as keeping patients and compassionate attitude.

The duties of dental hygienists vary state wise. For instance, dental hygienists can manage local anesthetics with the help of synergies in a certain state. In other states, they can administer anesthetics.

Once you complete your education from dental hygienist school, you can get so many career options. Research, educator, and administrator are the multiple job opportunities available for you. It is really inspiring to work in various sectors such as hospitals, manufacturing companies and much more. If you like to work with the children, you get the option of a pediatric dental hygienist. If you love to make strategize, there is an option to design dental health programs.

Another benefit of becoming a dental hygienist is flexible job hours. You can work in more than one dental clinic and still earn well. Apart from that, the employment rate in this profession is increasing extensively. You may have to share the workload of a dentist in the near future.

To work legally, you need to get a license and a degree from a reputed college of dental hygienist.

Students who like medicine and biology will find the above nature of work exciting.  However, you should get yourself well prepared before stepping into this career.