Discover the remedies for Cavity pain


Tooth decay results in the destruction of the hard enamel of your teeth. Thus, your nerves get exposed to sensitive teeth, which ultimately leads to cavity pain. In such emergency cases, Family dentistry in Kleinburg is available for your help.

It is painful to have sudden pain in the cavity. Some basic symptoms are:

  • Sharp tooth pain which is like someone is pricking in your teeth.
  • Red gums
  • Inflammation around the gums
  • General pain in the mouth

The reasons behind such pain are:

  • Food with high sugar content
  • Not cleaning your teeth properly
  • Lacking calcium and other minerals

Family dentistry in Kleinburg have suggested the following remedies:

  1. Avoid Hot and Cold Foods as well as Beverages

As bacteria in plaque releases acid, your tooth enamel is washed away. This results in sensitive teeth. Hence, you should avoid food or beverages which are too hot or cold.

Due to tooth decay, the dentin layer has got affected. So, in extreme temperature, you may feel cavity pain.

  1. Try using clove oil (Eugenol)

Eugenol is antiseptic and has aesthetic properties. Your cavity pain may reduce if you use it.  You have to soak a cotton ball in oil and apply it on the painful tooth for 10 seconds. You will feel relief in some time.

  1. Brush and Floss regularly

Keep brushing or flossing the area where the pain is present. Also, you should keep your mouth clean. It removes the clumps of bacteria which results in tooth decay. You must floss between the teeth where it is more painful. Once you remove food content and plaque, the pain will go away.

  1. Rinse the mouth with warm salt water

It is a natural home remedy, where using lukewarm water your inflammation is cured. All parts of the mouth get cleaned.

  1. Sensitivity based toothpaste

There is various toothpaste available at family dentistry in Kleinburg which helps in keeping cavity pain away. It can give some relief with time.

  1. Opt for Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Medication

First, consult at family dentistry in Kleinburg and then take the pain relief medication. This can save you from cavity pain, although perhaps not completely. However, you should take the dose as prescribed. Do not put the medication on gums or tooth, as it can cause chemical burns.

  1. Use sealants: Dental sealants is the solution to cure cavity pain in children or adults. It reduces the risk of higher disease. It is a plastic coating which covers the teeth and stays for 10 years.
  2. Make Your Dental Appointment and Discuss Pain Relief

You should book an appointment with family dentistry in Kleinburg, instead of taking any pain-relief. It is better to avoid drugs and consult a dentist.