hearing test


Hearing is a gift that comes to naturally to us, but not many are privileged to have this free gift. Many parents have children who were born with hearing difficulties, some others had an accident and their hearing was affected. It feels different not to have a sense of hearing again especially when you have had it before. If you think you are starting to have hearing difficulties or have a loved one that you fear is also having hearing difficulties, then you need to go for a hearing test, it is more or less like going for a consultation.Where it all starts from is that you can come to our company and ask for your consultation. From the consultation, we will be able to know what diagnostic testing to carry out and finally have a firm report on the nature of the hearing difficulty. Once we are done with this initial process, we can move on to other processes such as prescribing the ideal hearing aid for the patient. We have different hearing aids that fit different situations as well as recommendations.

During the consultation session, you will have three very important parts.

The first part is where we get you talking and we listen to you speaking. We strongly believe that the best way to help you improve in hearing to first get you talking. The topics you would be talking about cut across many various interests. You can talk about yourself, your home, environment, neighbors, interests, work and your relationship with others. Whatever information you give us will help us know how to treat you better. Having a broad knowledge about who you are makes us know the best way to serve you.

The next thing after we have heard your narrative of your life is to provide you with an evaluation. You will be taken through a diagnostic hearing evaluation to know the degree of the impairment. We carry out tests in the following areas.

Tinnitus Evaluations

Speech testing to include: Speech Reception Threshold, Speech Discrimination and QuickSIN


Acoustic Reflexes

Optoacoustic Emissions

Pure tone air & bone conduction

Visual Otoscope

The next and final phase of your consultancy session is the result. After the evaluation has been done, we will use the data from the results to determine what exactly is wrong with you, and whether or not you truly have a hearing complication. If you are discovered to have any hearing difficulty, you will be directed to our audiologist, who will proffer you with the best possible solutions that can suit your budget and the way you live. If the budget is above your means, then we can help you with some funds in order to get you the most ideal solution. We also use the latest and best technology in order to serve you better.