How to prepare for your appointment


Although you may feel a little embarrassed or nervous about discussing this topic, an interview with a fertility specialist is an essential initial step before infertility treatment. You will probably feel more comfortable talking about your fertility if you make arrangements that will prepare you for this appointment. Find out how to prepare for an interview with a fertility specialist.

Referral to fertility specialists

You may have had routine OB / GYN tests for your Pap smear, and you may find it easier to start a conversation with one of them. In any case, it is essential to talk about your fertility concerns with your doctor and to think about making an appointment with a fertility specialist. Depending on your age and medical history your doctor may recommend a medical evaluation or to an IVF specialist. It could be done through an OB / GYN appointment or a fertility clinic. Seeking help from a fertility specialist is a significant starting point for the process of understanding what is happening to you regarding fertility.

Overcome the emotional obstacle

You may be forming with your partner one of those couples who have the relevant traits needed for a specialist fertility consultation to discuss your fertility issues. The female partner is under 35 and has failed to conceive after 12 months of unprotected and regular sexual intercourse. The female partner is aged 35 to 37 years old and was unable to grasp after six months of daily and unprotected sex. The female partner is over 37 years old.

Do you recognise yourself? Your hesitation is understandable. It is common for everyone to find excuses to avoid consulting a doctor. In many cases, it is for fear of outcome or diagnosis. You worry about the number of fees you may have to incur. You think the processes are too complicated or too long or too painful. Less than 5% of infertile couples undergoing treatment today use in vitro fertilisation.

Conclusion: your doctor is your friend

Your doctor can tell you if the tests and fertility procedures you need are covered by a public or private health insurance plan. The arrangements you make to prepare for your appointment will help ease your anxiety. If you are embarking on the step that will help you address your concerns about fertility, spend a few minutes on the Guide’s questionnaire for a discussion with your doctor and then print it out and take it to your doctor.