Visit a clinic that you feel comfortable and schedule an appointment


Caring for your teeth indicates more of flossing and brushing. However, for complete care, it is crucial to visit a dentist once in six months for a professional cleaning and regular checkup. The foremost step is to find a dentist and to schedule an appointment. It is best to consider Clinique Dentaire Malka so that you feel comfortable.

What happens in a dental visit?

Firstly, find a dentist that offers you the required comfort. On finding a dentist of your choice, you may schedule a check-up prior to the arising problems. Visiting a dentist for the first time implies you must take a health complete history and on subsequent visits, make sure to inform them in case there is change in health status. Generally these are checkups and the regular checkups are done once in six months so that it helps your teeth last longer, stay cleaner and prevent problems from developing.

A thorough cleaning

Checkups are always includes a complete cleaning, from a dentist or a dental hygienist.  A dental hygienist uses special instruments to scrape the gumline, remove tartar and built-up plaque causing gum disease, bad breath, cavities and other problems. Your hygienist or dentist may floss and polish your teeth.

A full examination

A dentist performs an examination of your gums, teeth and mouth. They look for disease signs or problems.  Her or his goal is to maintain good oral health and to avert problems so that it does not become serious. Thus identifying and curing them at the earliest is possible and is the best.


A  dental visit depend on the risk of symptoms and disease, your age, such that your dentist recommend X-rays to diagnose problems such as impacted teeth, damage to jawbones, tumors or cysts, abscesses, and decay between teeth. A dental office uses machines emitting no radiation. The radiation is not more than that you receive in a weekend watching TV or from the sun in a day. You can wear an apron while taking x-ray and if pregnant, x=rays must be taken only in emergency situations.

There may be a need for a Panorex or Panoramic X-ray. This film type offers a complete view of the jaw, lower and upper, in one picture. It helps the dentist know your bite and also the different teeth relationship with your arch. If your gums and teeth are in good shape; you do not need visit for the coming three to six months.