What Other Aspects of Your Life are Affected by an Untreated Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss is deemed exceptional to every person as a fingerprint. Not even one single individual has the same kind of hearing loss in each ear, nor do people suffer from hearing loss in the same way. However, what everyone with hearing has in common are these other aspects of the life of the people with hearing loss can affect.

  • Vocabulary

With the untreated hearing loss, many sounds and letters lose frequencies. Every letter and verbal sound tends to correspond to an exceptional frequency range, and when loses the power to hear that range, two things take place. First, all the sounds and words with those frequencies are harder to listen and uniquely harder to comprehend or identify. Secondly, untreated hearing loss is prone to reduce the crispness of the frequencies of the sounds associated with it. Some will also tend to skip over the letter S, ending with ‘ing’ or even stumbling over the complete word itself. The ears and brain interact to assist in producing the words clearly, and if these particular sounds are no longer heard, the ability of the brain tends to produce the words clearly and accurately is impaired.

  • Voice

For untreated hearing loss, the loss may actually influence and alter their voice altogether, to themselves and to others. It also impacts the perceived volume at which the affected person talks. With this hearing loss, even someone’s own voice sounds quite soft as they speak louder in order to compensate for it. The inside voice becomes the outside voice. In other words, their shouting is now speaking. Many people don’t realize it doing and for many it requires the hearing aids in order to realize how loud they have been talking.

  • Enjoying music and movies

With the untreated hearing loss, subtitles and lyrics are a must need as it takes away the ability to understand the speech and sounds in the movies, particularly when the actors are not facing the screen while talking, the environment is dark, the actors have masks or facial hear, loud explosions, rushing water, and crashing cars. Particularly, if you are watching a drama, action, comedy or romance, untreated hearing loss makes the enjoyment impossible. Most of the time is wasted in trying to understand what has been said and then people lose track of what is happening.

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